Private: Submitting the request

What we need to begin your migration: (make this a form)

General Everyone:

  • Your Email Address
  • Number of sites hosted
  • Old Hosting provider Name
  • Old Hosting Account Domain
  • Old Hosting Account IP/Hostname

Dedicated or VPS Root to Root:

  • Root Password to current Dedicated or VPS
  • WHM/cPanel if applicable

Shared/Reseller Accounts With Control Panel:

  • Old Hosting Account Control Panel Username
  • Old Hosting Account Control Panel Password
  • Old Hosting Account Control Panel URL

Individual Accounts Without Control Panel:

  • Old Hosting Account FTP Server/IP
  • Old Hosting Account FTP Username & Password
  • DB Access if applicable

List of websites to move and their requirements

  • What sites are we migrating?
  • Do they have email?
  • Do they have SSL?
  • Any additional instructions

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