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So you’re ready to make the switch to one of our Reseller, Cloud, or Dedicated Hosting Plans. Now all that’s left is getting your existing websites moved over…

Migrating to a new host can often be a chore, but it doesn’t have to be! VerticalSwitch provides freemigrations from your current hosting service, in most cases with little or no downtime.  

While our expert support staff will be handling most of the heavy lifting for you, we will still need to gather some basic information from you to get the process started. In order to make everything run smoothly, we have created a step by step guide to help you understand the basics of the migration process, and to get you prepared for the move.

Process Overview

Request Migration

We will need access to your current server and some basic information about the sites you want to transfer

Schedule a Time

Coordinate a time to do the migration with our support staff and if necessary, with your clients.

Data Transfer

Our expert staff will transfer the data from your existing host to your new VerticalSwitch hosting account

Pre-Launch Test

Before pushing the sites live, we test to verify that the transferred data is intact and ready for launch

Update DNS

Point your DNS to our NameServers. Need help? This guide has examples, or have our suport staff assist you

Post-Launch Test

Once your DNS is fully updated, check your sites one last time to make sure everything is working properly

What to Expect

What to expect: (3-4 columns – quick description of common scenarios in each)

Dedicated/VPS – Root to Root  |  WHM-cPanel to WHM-cPanel  |  Email/SSL/Other scenarios  |  Common Hosts Information (link to grid)


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